Student's Corner
The Student’s Corner is where Smith Family Martial Arts likes to highlight & showcase our outstanding students!
It features the DoJang’s Student of the Month. This student may be chosen for a wide variety of reasons, but in some way each student chosen has managed to ‘stand out from the crowd’.
The Student Corner is also where you can check out The Friday Night Specialty Training Topics. This class, held every Friday evening at 5:30 pm, has a different topic that changes each week. You can check the Student Corner to know what each week’s topic will be for the current month.
This is also where you can check for other special dates such as Holiday Closings, & Extra Curricular Activities.
Student of the Month January 2017
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The student of the month for January is Bailey Grissom.  Bailey is a very sweet and smart kid.  He has worked hard in achieving his junior black belt and we are very proud of his accomplishments.
January Friday Night Specialty Training & Other News

Jan 6- Circuit Training

Jan 13- Knife Defense

Jan 20- Forms

Jan 27- Board Breaking